Do Your Teens Do The Right Thing On Social Media? by Belinda Letchford

  Belinda Letchford is a Contact Mom in the Growing Families Australia parenting ministry and author of the blog Live Life with Your Kids.  In today’s technological world, Belinda brings up a conversation every parent should have with their tweens … Read More

Children and Childhood Fears, Part 2 of 2

Helping Children Manage and Overcome Fear   Some fears need to be managed, while other fears can be overcome with time and education. Here are some facts and suggestions to consider while working with your child’s fears.   Fear itself … Read More


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  Abba — (Hebrew) papa, “dear father”, daddy I love my dad. Talking about my earthly dad. He is a wonderful man. Loyal, hard-working, contemplative, slow to anger, quiet, focused, faithful, tenderhearted, loving, sarcastic, humorous, the most important person in my life … Read More