Are You Stealing Unaware?

Are you Stealing Unaware? Can it get any clearer than that?  You shall not steal. (Exodus 20:15)  Sandwiched right there in between not committing adultery and not bearing false witness against your neighbor is a verse all by itself containing … Read More

An Empty Nest Begins

He drove away.  Just himself and whatever he could fit into his old two-seater car.  Did nearly 21 years pass by already?  His goodbye was sweet.  My tears were plentiful.  He is the last to go.  The house is silent.  … Read More

Sibling Conflict

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Genesis reads like a how-to manual on what NOT to do to your brother or sister. Perhaps God, in His infinite wisdom, front-loaded the Bible with accounts of poor sibling relationships so we could learn how to avoid those same … Read More

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