Consequences – A Tough Nut to Crack!

  Parents can count on this… our children will require correction.  Correction often involves the need to administer consequences.  Have you heard the expression “that’s a tough nut to crack”?  Determining appropriate consequences in the correction process that will make … Read More

Babywise Tips – What’s the Difference Between a Dream Feed and Late Night Feeding?

  Mothers will commonly ask if there is a difference between the late-evening feed and the dream feed since they both fall around the same time at night.  Yes, there is a difference!  The late-evening feeding provides the necessary nutrition … Read More

Beyond “God, bless Mommy; God, bless Daddy” by Susan Ekhoff

  “God, bless Mommy, and Daddy, and Grandma, and Grandpa and . . .”   This precious prayer marked the beginning of my children’s relationship with God and their concern for family and friends. But as they grew in their … Read More

Do Your Teens Do The Right Thing On Social Media? by Belinda Letchford

  Belinda Letchford is a Contact Mom in the Growing Families Australia parenting ministry and author of the blog Live Life with Your Kids.  In today’s technological world, Belinda brings up a conversation every parent should have with their tweens … Read More

The Value of Preparation and Training at Home by Beth Blunk

Here’s the scene:  Dad takes 2-year-old twins to a public family bathroom for the girls to go potty while Mom is busy nursing the baby.  While helping the second twin, he turns to check on the first one who was … Read More

Playpen Time, Part 2 – Introducing it to your Baby, by Bethann Plumberg

  The best way to introduce the play-pen is to use it from the beginning. As soon as your baby comes out of the sleepy newborn stage and begins to have some actual waketime, chose one time per day to … Read More

Playpen Time, Part 1- The Benefits by Bethann Plumberg

  Frequently when asked about various aspects of routine in older infants and toddlers the topic of play-pen time comes up. Often moms ask if using the play-pen is really necessary. Many do not realize the benefits of having and … Read More

Children and Childhood Fears, Part 2 of 2

Helping Children Manage and Overcome Fear   Some fears need to be managed, while other fears can be overcome with time and education. Here are some facts and suggestions to consider while working with your child’s fears.   Fear itself … Read More

Children and Childhood Fears, Part 1 of 2

How old were you when you first saw the ghoulish monkeys dispatched by the wicked witch of the west to pick up Dorothy and her dog, Toto? Do you remember the scene of winged monkeys spreading the gentle Scarecrow “here, … Read More

Responding to Heavy Issues in the news

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  As we gather together at Seacoast Church in Charleston, SC for the GFI Family Conference, there is a unified outpouring of love among families from across the world. Families coming together to be strengthened in Christian values bringing Life … Read More