What is GEMS?

Godly Encouragement for Moms®

The GEMS® ministry, part of the CFH Network, exists to encourage moms across the world as they pursue God’s best for their lives. We are moms ourselves who desire to come alongside other moms and do life with them.

We desire to EQUIP moms through the resources on this website. We hope to ENCOURAGE moms by answering questions and helping them with the practical aspects of what it means to be a mom. Through it all, we aim to INSPIRE moms with Biblical truth and confidence in who they are in Christ as well as in the great job they are doing as a wife and mother.

Won’t you join us for the journey? Come be part of our community! We’d love to get to know you!


Did You Know?

Christian Family Heritage is a non-profit organization that depends on the donations of people like you in order to be able to continue to serve families everywhere.

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