Christian Family Heritage

Christian Family Heritage (CFH) is a faith based non-profit ministry established to encourage and support families. CFH helps thousands of people each year using biblical principles and the love of God as expressed through the sharing of our lives.

CFH Mission Statement:  A parenting support ministry that provides educational services.  Christian Family Heritage is guided by a worldview consistent with the character of God as reflected in the philosophies of Growing Families International and its affiliates. 

Christian Family Heritage Network

Christian Family Heritage brings together families from across the world who seek to raise their families for God’s glory. We believe the Bible has all the answers for life including much about being a husband, wife, mother, father, brother or sister. God’s principles remain the same, but, as parents, we are given freedom to determine which vehicles best convey those principles for our families.

Through Christian Family Heritage, dads can connect with dads and moms can find Godly encouragement from other moms.

We strive to be a LIFE-GIVING community of believers and we sincerely hope you will find the information here helpful to you and your growth as a Christ-follower and as you grow your family in the same way.

CHRISTIAN FAMILY HERITAGE is a non-profit ministry supported by financial contributions from people who benefit from the ministry or desire to share in the ministry through financial gifts. Should the Lord be leading you to give, your contribution will help us to provide materials to families around the world who want to hand down a Christian Family Heritage to future generations.