What is a GEMS Fellowship Group?

Okay, so you’ve read On Becoming Babywise, maybe even all the books in the On Becoming series (at least up to the age of your oldest kid!). Now what? Or you have been through a GFI Parenting Class but aren't in one currently.

Ever wish you could spend some time with other moms who take the same approach to parenting? GEMS® Fellowship Groups provide an opportunity to do just that! Ladies from all stages of life and motherhood come together to give and receive Godly encouragement in our roles as wife, mother and homemaker.
Currently, our certified Contact Moms lead the GEMS® fellowship groups for moms desiring additional teaching, encouragement, answers to their parenting questions, and fellowship with other moms. GEMS® Fellowship Groups are a means to continue the discipleship for moms who have completed the GFI curricula and/or On Becoming series of books.

GEMS(R) Fellowship Groups Mission Statement

To provide fellowship with other like-minded Moms as well as encouragement, teaching and timely answer to questions. GEMS® Fellowship Groups will also provide continued accountability in application of the principles found in the GFI classes and the On Becoming book series. It is our desire to glorify God, to be daily witnesses for our Lord Jesus Christ, and to work alongside of our husbands to raise children who glorify God by making moral decisions based on Scriptural principles. 

Is There a Group Near Me?

While the GEMS® Fellowship Groups currently meet across the world, we admittedly don’t have groups in every city, let alone every state.  For those moms without a group nearby especially, we want to welcome you to our online community. Through the miracles of modern technology, though we are miles are part, we are as close as our fingertips! Please see following a list of the current active groups that we are aware of. If you are aware of an additional group, please let us know via e-mail.

Location: Naperville, Illinois
Leader Name: Kathy Loewen
Contact Information: [email protected]

Location: Missoula, Montana
Leader Name: Anne Ratliff
Contact Information: [email protected]

Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma
Leader Name: Lisa Borger
Contact Information: [email protected]

Location: Charleston, South Carolina
Leader Name: Julie Young
Contact Information: http://www.growingkidscharleston.org/gems

Location: Denver, Colorado (various locations)
Contact Information:  http://www.growingkidsdenver.org/?page_id=24



What About Me? Can I Lead a Group?

Because GEMS(r) Fellowship Groups are an official trademarked name, it is our policy at this time to require that all groups be led by a Certified Contact Mom.  If you are a Contact Mom and would like to begin a group in your area, please touch base with your coordinator.  If you are not currently a Contact Mom but would like to look into becoming one, please check out How to Become a Contact Mom.  Be advised that this is a ministry to other moms who desire additional teaching and who are interested in working through the GFI curricula and/or the On Becoming series.