How do you rate?

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  Are you:         neat, loving, gentle, kind, polite, considerate, patient, responsible, hardworking? Are you your wife’s dreams come true? Okay, well, if not now, were you earlier in your marriage?   What about a critical self-assessment … Read More

Sibling Relationships

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  It is pure bliss when family members are living in harmony with one another, when relationships are interwoven & interdependent and when siblings are best friends. Is this possible or a far-stretched dream? Is it really achievable for siblings … Read More


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  Abba — (Hebrew) papa, “dear father”, daddy I love my dad. Talking about my earthly dad. He is a wonderful man. Loyal, hard-working, contemplative, slow to anger, quiet, focused, faithful, tenderhearted, loving, sarcastic, humorous, the most important person in my life … Read More