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As we gather together at Seacoast Church in Charleston, SC for the GFI Family Conference, there is a unified outpouring of love among families from across the world. Families coming together to be strengthened in Christian values bringing Life to Hope to this world in which we live. It is difficult to believe, that just one week ago, this city was faced with a horrific tragedy where 9 innocent people lost their lives in a murderous act by one individual, and in a church no less. Instead of hate, the response from the people in Charleston has been of prayer and peace elevating Charleston as a beacon on a hill igniting a revival of unity and love.

This story, like many other unfortunate stories, sweep news channels, headlines and even filter into conversations, which come into our homes for the ears of our children to hear. It is inevitable that our children will begin to ask questions as they hear things that question their values and that simply ‘don’t make sense’ to their innocent hearts and minds. How do we begin to answer or explain such complex, heavy topics?

These seemingly difficult questions can be answered with simple generalizations going back to TRUTH. Acts like murder, same sex marriage, terrorism, transgender lifestyles, etc. can be summed up in two words – ignorance and confusion.

It is obvious, individuals who engage in such crimes do not have a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Therefore they are ignorant of biblical principles and the TRUTH in God’s Word. When one does not embrace biblical standards, there is no absolute standard; rather, there is a rejection of truth. Without truth there are lies. Without truth there is confusion. Without truth there is hate. Without truth there is death. It should be no surprise these people choose what is evil and immoral.

Certainly these acts cannot be accepted or excused; however, knowledge of the truth, or the lack of truth, may help explain the behavior. Possibly people who engage in such malicious crimes do not know Jesus and truth that promises healing and restoration for even deep-rooted racial injustices. Possibly they have not received the love of our heavenly Father, which can translate into loving our neighbor. Maybe they do not know we are all equal and precious in the eyes of God and he made each and every one of us, all colors of skin and ethnicities. Or maybe they do not realize they are fearfulfully and wonderfully made (psalm 139) by a heavenly Father that loves and adores them and therefore they are confused about their identity. It all comes back to truth and the ignorance of truth. These are simple biblically based explanations that can be shared to explain heavy, complicated issues.

And how would Jesus respond to such behavior.
What would Jesus do? He would have passion and compassion for these individuals to know the their heavenly Father. He would have a longing for them to embrace the truths and promises in God’s word.

As Christians, allow such immorality to ignite a passion to spread salvation message of Jesus to others and stir up a burning desire to defend the truths in God’s Word. It is through this saving knowledge of Jesus Christ one can know truth. And when one knows truth there is healing, love, freedom, life and hope.

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Julie Keating is a Contact Mom and GEMS(R) leader with Christian Family Heritage. Julie and her husband Don have lead GFI classes in their home area of Detroit, MI for 18 years. They are the parents of 5 children ranging in age from 10 to 18.

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