Preparation for Parenting Reminders

Here are just a few snippets (in no particular order) from Prep that are good things to keep in mind to help things go more smoothly when you’ve added a new baby to the family.

  • Keep the husband and wife relationship a priority! Care for each other.  Date each other regularly.
  • Make sure to keep the feed-wake-sleep cycle in that order!
  • Work to have the first feeding of the day at a consistent time every day.
  • Be careful of having wake time be too long or too stimulating – this makes good naps harder as Baby get overtired and over-stimulated.
  • Always feed a hungry baby.
  • Learn what the normal cry periods are, as well as the abnormal ones. Assess what Baby needs.
  • Put Baby down for naps/bedtime awake so he can learn the skill of going to sleep on his own.
  • Do not be afraid of a little crying to get to sleep – this is a normal cry period and necessary to learn the skill of sleeping.
  • Learning to sleep is a necessary skill!
  • Remember your long term goals. Is what you are doing helping facilitate those goals?
  • Make sure Baby gets a full feeding and is not just snacking.
  • Remember the preciousness of others and context!
  • Monitor Baby’s growth and feedings with the healthy baby growth chart.
  • Growth spurts take place at around 10 days, 3 weeks, 6 weeks, 3 months, and 6 months. You may need to add in an extra feeding for a few days during these times.
  • Having flexibility in the baby’s routine can only take place after the routine is consistently in place and Baby is napping well until the next feeding.
  • If Baby is waking early from naps (before it is time for the next feeding), evaluate if it is a hunger issue, a routine issue, a wake time issue, or something else. Pray and discern and work to get Baby back on track.  See chapter 7 in PFP.
  • An hour and a half nap or more is the ideal. This gets Baby to sleep through 2 or more sleep cycles.  A normal sleep cycle is approximately 45 minutes long.  Watch for the 45 minute intruder!
  • Enjoy your baby!


Roxie Ramseyer is a former homeschool mom.  She is the mom of 4 boys now in their teens and 20’s.  Roxie is wife to her dearest friend and fabulous husband, Eric.  She loves helping young moms gain confidence and joy in training their little ones.  Roxie lives in rural Ohio in the heart of Amish country.
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  1. Patricia
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    Perfect timing, we are currently teaching a Prep class, have two other moms who recently had babies, know the principles and are asking for some tips. Thanks, Roxie

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