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  Abba — (Hebrew) papa, “dear father”, daddy I love my dad. Talking about my earthly dad. He is a wonderful man. Loyal, hard-working, contemplative, slow to anger, quiet, focused, faithful, tenderhearted, loving, sarcastic, humorous, the most important person in my life … Read More

New Father – New Thinking

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  Keenan, Christian, and you other gentlemen that have newly arrived bundles or are now awaiting this impending profound change in life – Welcome. Since you’re going to be a new father for the first time only one time – write … Read More


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Expectation: something we think will or should happen… When life unfolds according to our dreams and expectations, we feel satisfied, rewarded and exhilarated because things are lining up according to our plan. On the other hand, missed expectations (when things … Read More

Love DNA

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“I Love You” These simple, profound words communicate a deep meaning expressing a connection, a commitment, a feeling, a decision. These three words are the most powerful words that can be given to someone. These three words are the most … Read More

Daddy Doodles

When he can’t say “good morning” in person, a father finds that a simple sketch is worth a thousand words. Five a.m. Still dark. A soft click from the clock radio, and my last dream of the night surreally segues … Read More

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