Family Scripture Memory in a Snap

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When I was a mom with young children, I found a surprisingly simple way to

memorize whole passages of scripture as a family – with no tears. I printed a long

passage or chapter on colorful card stock, one for each child. Scripture cards were then

individualized with cute stickers and laminated.


As a homeschool family, we used them as the main event for Bible time each

school morning by simply reading the whole passage aloud together, one time through.

That’s right, once a day, five days a week. The younger children almost always

memorized the whole passage in a short few months (even those who couldn’t read)! It

took me longer, but with a little extra study, even I had mastered the text by six months

When teaching into character issues, I was amazed how often a verse from our

text applied. Eventually the truths we memorized worked their way into our thinking and



Our family passages included Romans 12: 9 – 21, Matthew 7, James 3 and 4,

Proverbs 3, and others. When I read any of these today, it’s like coming home again; I

will always love them and so will my kids.


This simple means of Scripture memory can be easily added into your day

whether or not you homeschool. Try reading it together as a family at meal times or as a

part of family devotions before sending the little ones off to bed.

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