Joyous Holidays

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Have you ever noticed how the holiday season seems to come around just a little bit sooner than the year before?  While it is a time for family and friends, a time to continue tradition plus make new memories, a time for laughter, and a time to sit by the fire with a good book, it is also time to work, work and work!  So often the holiday season is exactly that – a lot of work.  As a result, somewhere along the way in all the preparation for the season, we lose our desired perspective (making the holiday joyous).  The following suggestions may help each of us to keep that “joyous” outlook throughout the holidays.

J  Jesus – Continue daily time in God’s Word and  prayer.  Everyone’s day (despite trials that will come) will go better when it is committed to our Heavenly Father.

O  Organize – Organize your time.  Decide what you want to do this holiday season and begin formulating a plan to accomplish it.  Be realistic, especially moms with young children.

Y  Yield Fruit – This is the season of love, joy, peace.  Pray for God’s strength in exhibiting the Fruit of the Spirit.

O  Omit – This is part of organizing and being realistic.  No matter where you are in your planning for the holidays, see what can be omitted from the schedule or your “grand plan” for this season.

U  Unselfish – It is hard to think that we can become selfish during the season designed for sharing and giving, yet it is possible.  Pray for an attitude that remembers the preciousness of others and not thinking more highly of yourself than you ought.

S  Simplify – What can be done ahead of time?  We often make things more complicated than necessary.  Remember, we don’t have to duplicate every beautiful idea from Pinterest.

H  Hugs – Who couldn’t use one?  A hug costs nothing but gives much.  It enriches those who receive it without making poorer those who give.  It is blessed to give and receive a hug!

O  Others – Sometimes we become so busy in doing for the “sake of others” that we forget to minister to them.

L  Listen – Listen to your children.  It is often easier to “just do it myself”. But children often have some good, simple ideas, so remember to listen to them.  After all, this is a time of year that they look forward to and want to contribute to in some way or another.  Maybe this will be the year to give up the perfect looking Christmas tree and let the children decorate it —— yes, even with paper chains!

I  Instruction – With the busyness of the season, it is easy to allow the instruction of our children to be placed on the back burner.  Those “precious gifts” are still in need of training and consistency, even during this busy time of year.

D  Diligence – Teach our children the importance of diligence with all the fun preparation that needs to be done, so everyone can enjoy the holidays.

A  Amiable – Stress is high.  Make it a goal to be that friendly face out in the crowded shopping centers by offering a smile and a word of encouragement.

Y  Years – These are years to be cherished.  Avoid robing both yourself and the children of the preciousness of this time by becoming overwhelmed with insignificant matters.

S  Slow Down – We live in a fast-paced society.  It is time to slow down, take a deep breath, and enjoy the holiday season.

From the Board of Christian Family Heritage… we wish you a Blessed and Merry Christmas!

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