A Word to the Single Parent

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Life has a way AWordtotheSingleParentof presenting unexpected challenges—challenges that detract from the ideal. In the home environment, the ideal is to parent from the strength of your marriage. However, we recognize that ideal is not present in every home. The death of a spouse, a divorce or an unplanned pregnancy can cause our dreams to disappear under a cloud of discouragement.

Having worked with single parents for over a quarter of a century, we understand the pressures and challenges of their lives. Single parents face double duty with the care and responsibility of rearing children, while often wearing several hats as homemakers, providers, and parents. Yet, we also know that if you are a single parent you love your children with the same passion as any couple, and you desire to give your children the best chance in life. We understand that hearing parenting principles that work best with a spouse in the home is always a challenge for the single parent, because he or she is not parenting under the best circumstances.

However, just because “best” may not be immediately available does not mean that you should give up trying for “good” or “better” in all circumstances. Parenting alone, in a condition that is less than ideal, does not mean you are parenting in a condition that is impossible. Where there is a way, there is hope, and God always provides a way; so do not surrender to feelings of hopelessness. Lacking the ability to provide the “best” emotional, spiritual or material goods only leaves room for God to bring His compensating grace to your family. He always will!

Be encouraged! While God has a perfect prescription for creating healthy home environments, He never closes His eyes, nor abandons those who are parenting in less than perfect circumstances. If you are a single parent, please know that while you may feel out of place in various group settings, when it comes to caring for your children, you are always welcome in the life community this ministry represents.

This article is used with permission from Growing Families International and found at www.growingfamiliesusa.com.


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